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Tick Removal

Ticks can burrow into your skin and feed for days. They carry diseases like encephalitis and Lyme disease. It’s time to protect your family and pets from these dangerous bugs.

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We guarantee a Tick free backyard. If you see a single tick buzzing around, we’ll come back out to spray.
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Our Customers Love Us
Well they mostly love their mosquito free backyard, but that’s because of our natural and effective treatments and the mosquito pros guarantee.
Kate G.
Depew, NY
Excellent experience. We used to get eaten alive by the mosquitoes as soon as the sun set, but not after after a visit from the Mosquito Pros. The pros work well and have great customer service too!
Reece T.

Lewiston, NY

The backyard at our new house was almost inhabitable because of the mosquitoes that lived in the marshy area. After one treatment from Mosquito Pros, we are able to stay outside after dusk!
Donna C.

West Seneca, NY

Very professional and the service works great. I was shocked that they were able to get rid of the mosquitos along the tree line at the back of my yard after unsuccessful attempts by others.
Don’t Call The Average Joe’s – Call The Mosquito Pros
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful answers to some of the questions we hear the most. Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call!

Mosquito control is crucial for preventing the spread of diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, and Malaria. It also enhances the quality of life by reducing the nuisance and discomfort caused by mosquito bites.

We identify areas for mosquito control based on surveillance data, public complaints, and routine inspections. These areas often include stagnant water sources, dense vegetation, and other places conducive to mosquito breeding.

Our methods include larviciding (targeting larvae in water bodies), adulticiding (controlling adult mosquitoes), habitat modification, and introducing natural predators. We also use environmentally friendly and EPA-approved chemicals when necessary.

Yes, the methods and products we use are selected to minimize any adverse effects on pets, wildlife, and non-target species. Safety is a top priority in our mosquito control efforts.

Residents can play a significant role by eliminating standing water in items like flowerpots, buckets, and birdbaths, keeping yards clean and well-trimmed, and using window and door screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.

Mosquito season varies depending on the region but generally occurs during warmer months when temperatures are above 50°F. 

The health risks associated with our mosquito control treatments are minimal. We adhere to strict guidelines and use products that are approved for use in residential areas and pose low risks to humans and pets.

While it’s challenging to eliminate all mosquitoes, our control efforts significantly reduce their populations and the associated risks. We continuously monitor and adapt our strategies for maximum effectiveness.

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